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Saturday, June 05, 2004

I had a wonderful time with the dancers of Felix Ruckert "Love Zoo" in Berlin taking a lot of pictures during their performances. Thanks to all of you! It was fun, exiting and precious to me. I'm happy that Catherine and Mathieu are staying in Berlin and that Vidal is thinking of moving here. I believe we will spend some great time together (NBI is calling). Laurence is back in New York feeling a little empty after this emotional time with all of us. But I believe she'll be fine as soon as she's in Costa Rica. So if you want dance lessons in Costa Rica go here.

Hope to hear from all of you! Sometime!

The work with the Agency 103 in Berlin was great fun getting to know Beate and Till was really nice very "sympathisch". What can I say the wireless LAN is working. The music library has songs for over 14 days -so lets start grooving, rocking, shaking...

Monday, May 17, 2004

Yeah! An one of the wonderful things that happened to me was Sebastian - he's dreaming of a mountain bike and we all can fulfill his dream. Just visit here

Sebastians dream

Me and Sebastian! @ Pfefferberg Design im Mai
Okay, I've moved to Berlin. I see it as my Airport to Dubai, but I got so many new jobs in Berlin that for the moment it was best for me to move Berlin. I'm working for Agentur 103 at the moment installing a wireless LAN for a mp3 Library for their restaurant.

Berlin was fantastic, meeting my Bloodbrother after 20 years was definately a highlight. But being welcomed by so many of my friends was exactly the stability that I needed to start this new life of mine.

Thanx Berlin for this warm Welcome back!

Friday, April 23, 2004

Today was a strange day. I talked to a few people concerning jobs, and maybe... Things will get better soon.

I'm not in the mood for my weekly artist meeting tonight, so I'll go to a friends house who has contacts to Dubai. Let's see what he has to offer.

Good night everbody!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

I'm working on a Tai Chi Website at the moment and I'll be back this evening. I'm structuring my daily "to does", and evenings will be blog time! ;-)
Okay I'm looking for a job in Dubai as a grafic designer. Please contact me if you know a company, person or have a friend whos living there. Thanx :-)
Nemo's Blog is out! Wow!

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